Psychotherapy and P Guide - Resources and Review

Set of links to journals relevant to psychiatry and clinical psychology. Some have only subscription information online, others have tables of contents, abstracts or full text.
Journal that publishes empirical and theoretical research on prevention, the outcome of psychotherapy and social and environmental interventions, biologically oriented therapy, and the combination of such interventions.
Aspires to be 'the gathering place for health professionals and applied behavioural scientists'. A number of ongoing discussion forums are provided, together with places to publicise books, journals, institutions and courses. An additional resource is provided by access to the Journal of Online Behavior.
An interdisciplinary centre concerned with research, teaching and training in psychotherapy. Includes details of clinical training, research projects, courses, and the Dictionary of Mental Health.
Electronic version of the Free Associations journal on the non
clinical aspects of psychoanalysis and related psychodynamic approaches to psychotherapy, groups, politics, institutions, and culture. Includes the latest articles and papers, conference information, a discussion forum, and a noticeboard.
Exhibition featuring vintage photographs, prints, manuscripts, first editions, home movies of Freud, and objects from his study and consulting room. Also includes digitised images of original material such as Freud's birth certificate and family pictures.
Collection of links to directories, organisations, periodicals and other services related to psychology and counselling.
Collection of articles about mental health, including prevention and treatment of mental health. problems. Topics include addiction, antisocial behaviour, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, schizophrenia, sleep, therapy, multiple personality disorder, trauma, violence and work.
Electronic version of the Journal looking at psychoanalysis and psychodynamic approaches. Includes the latest articles and papers, information for contributors, and a facility for feedback from readers.
Support and connectivity for psychotherapists and others who have survived child abuse and other trauma. Includes links to related organisations, treatment resources, forensics, child abuse resources, the Wounded Healer news.
Description of the therapy which involves exposing the patient to a virtual environment containing the feared stimulus, and list of related publications.
Full text papers on topics within psychotherapy such as analytical techniques, transference of trauma, and the psychoanalysis of violence. Includes author and subject bibliographies, and links to psychoanalysis, psychology, and mental health resources and organisations.
Information and articles on psychohistory, the science of historical motivation which combines the insights of modern psychotherapy with the research methodology of history and the social sciences.
A medical speciality society which specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of mental and emotional illnesses and substance use disorders.
Project designed to provide psychiatrists with a resource to test their knowledge by board
style questions and annotated answers online.
Topics covered include alcohol and depression, anorexia and bulimia, anxiety and phobias, bereavement, depression, schizophrenia and sleep problems.
Collection of links to resources in behavioural medicine, psychotherapy, assessment and disorders. Some resources are in German.
Set of links to selected, evaluated and annotated Internet resources relevant to psychoanalysis.
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