Political philosophy and P Guide - Resources and Review

Aims to correct misconceptions which arose from the 1917 revolution. Includes a chronology of the development of Leninism and a number of related articles.
Offers information about collections and activities which take place at the library of anarchist material in London. Features a quarterly bulletin, details of publications, and details of works sought by the library.
An overview of terrorism in the main regions of the world, including an overview of state sponsored terrorism.
A virtual learning environment, based on the theory that 28 of Plato's dialogues can be divided into seven tetralogies which were carefully designed and arranged by Plato with a pedagogical agenda in mind; that of advancing the new disciple of philosophy from an intellectual adolescent to the mature and fully
formed philosopher-politician of the Republic.
An automated catalogue of numerous mailing lists relevant to politics, with descriptions and subscription details.
Journal which monitors and analyses democratic regimes and movements in several countries around the world. Offers free access to electronic versions of the annual Election Watch, and subscription access to the full text of articles from 1995 onwards.
Research bibliography containing over 10,000 items on the life and works of Antonio Gramsci, and features citations to works in over 30 languages. The bibliography also includes issues of the Newsletter of the International Gramsci Society..
Offers a selection of previously published articles from the magazine Foreign Affairs which aim to contribute to understanding of the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington in 2001.
Collection of canonical philosophic texts, including several works by Plato, Aristotle, Kant and Nietzsche. Also has collections in critical theory, history, and eighteenth century studies.
An international journal examining textual, cultural and political postcolonialisms. Contains articles, reviews and book titles on related topics.
Full text of most of the Marxist documents written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.
Set of links to selected, evaluated and annotated Internet resources about philosophical systems.
Think tank based on 'limited government, free markets, individual liberty, and peace'. Provides full text briefing papers, Foreign Policy Briefings, Policy Analysis, Social Security papers, Trade Policy studies, and Cato Policy Reports dating back to 1994.
Collection of links to government and politics resources around the world. Resources are arranged by geographical region, then by country, and then by type. Also includes resources covering international and transnational issues and resources relating to political thought, ideology and theory.
Founded in 1974, the Hume Society is an international organisation with approximately 400 members around the world. The purpose of the Society is to stimulate scholarship on all aspects of David Hume's writings.
Collection of resources concerning political philosophers and historical political movements. Includes full text political works, journal articles, and selected books, and covers the philosophies of ancient Greece, Christianity, Enlightenment, British Empiricism, Utilitarianism, and Socialism. Some material is in Italian only.
Database of libertarian information including freedom
related news stories, policy analyses, books, job openings, activist opportunities, and events. Covers topics such as campaign finances, gay marriages, independent juries, and socialised medicine.
Set of links to selected, evaluated and annotated Internet resources about political systems.
Full text documents from leading figures in communist and socialist political thought. Includes material by Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin, Mao Tse
tung, Fredrick Engels, and Karl Marx, including chapters from Capital. Also contains communist party publications and selected texts by lesser known Marxist and communist writers. Available in English and Spanish.
Started in 1996, HateWatch provides an online resource for concerned individuals, academics, activists and the media to keep abreast of and to combat online bigotry. The information provided may be offensive to some.
The Communist Manifesto, other Marxist texts and an introduction to Marxist politics.
Aims to provide a continually developing collection of politically aware and representative materials, which span all areas of political persuasion and cultural representation. Location, preservation, promotion, and dissemination of ephemera in printed, recorded, visual, and in the oral traditions, is the key aim of the Centre, for the education of popular political expression worldwide.
Research library concerned with the activities, expression and enquiries of the labour movement since the late eighteenth century.
Biannual newsletter of the Institute for Anarchist Studies. Articles from all issues since 1997 are available, with the most recent offered for download as a PDF file. Introductory information is presented in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.
Collection of US political resources including Democratic, Republican, and Libertarian material, political groups on the left, right, and fringes, and a variety of related political science pointers.
Describes the background to, and conduct of, the controversial anti
Communist investigations led by Senator Joseph McCarthy in the 1940s and '50s. Offers biographies of informers, investigators, spies, and those blacklisted as a result of the investigation.
Internet guide that directs users to appropriate electronic and print research resources in political science, political geography, political philosophy, political sociology and anthropology. A particular feature is Canadian politics and Canadian materials.
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