Polio and P Guide - Resources and Review

Information for health professionals and patients about post
polio syndrome and polio survivors, including details of the condition, support networks and a FAQ section.
Describes the discovery and development of the poliomyelitis vaccine. Outlines the symptoms and effects of the disease, the modern method of vaccination, and discusses the possibility of complete elimination of polio from the world.
Charity providing information to Polio Survivors and Medical Professionals. Offers a collection of over ninety full text articles on post
polio conditions, many from peer-reviewed medical journals. Also includes a categorised directory of poliomyelitis resources with descriptions, and worldwide polio news items.
Report documenting the impact of HIV / AIDS on children, the eradication of polio, prospects facing children entering the next millennium, and the burden of debt throughout the world.
History of the iron lung and polio in the UK, including personal stories, research sources, and a large collection of photographs of iron lung devices from pre
1900 onwards.
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