Physics societies and P Guide - Resources and Review

The aims of the Union are to stimulate and promote international cooperation in physics, to sponsor suitable international meetings and to assist organising committees, to foster the preparation and the publication of abstracts of papers and tables of physical constants, to promote international agreements on other use of symbols, units, nomenclature and standards, to foster free circulation of scientists, and to encourage research and education.
Provides a timeline of notable developments in the physical sciences during the 20th century. Information is keyword searchable, or browsable by topic.
The Institute of Physics (IOP) is both a learned society and professional body and has over 20000 members throughout the world. The objectives of the Institute are to promote the advancement and dissemination of knowledge and education in the science of physics, pure and applied.
The objective of the Society for Applied Spectroscopy is to advance and disseminate knowledge and information concerning the art and science of spectroscopy and other allied sciences. The term spectroscopy as used here means the science and art of absorption, emission, Raman, mass, and related forms of spectral study for determining the composition and structure of matter.
The purpose of the EOS is to contribute to the scientific progress in optics and related sciences and to promote their applications on the European and international levels, by bringing together individual persons and legal bodies involved in their disciplines and their applications. The EOS aims to establish an open coordination of international conferences in Europe in the field of optics and is supported in this by all the national societies of the European countries.
The American Institute of Physics (AIP) is a not
for-profit membership corporation. It aims to promote the advancement and diffusion of physics though education and current awareness.
An organisation of more than 40000 physicists worldwide. Since its formation in 1899, it has been dedicated to the advancement and diffusion of the knowledge of physics.
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