Physics research and P Guide - Resources and Review

Papers covering high
energy physics, astrophysics, general relativity, quantum cosmology, nuclear theory, computational and lattice physics.
Collection of physics research papers. Main topic of research is the study of the properties, behaviour and interaction of elementary particles and fundamental structures of space, time and matter.
Southampton mirror of the Los Alamos xxx e
print archive, with papers on physics, mathematics, nonlinear sciences, computation and language.
reviewed journal that publishes original research covering the whole breadth of physics, both pure and applied, theory and experiment, and interdisciplinary topics.
Italian National Research Council Institute which participates in numerous national and international research programs, including target
oriented and strategic projects, joint projects of the Italian Space Agency and the European Space Agency, and projects of the European Union and the Antarctic.
Weekly bulletin from the American Institute of Physics reviewing the latest advances in physics. It is possible to browse subject areas from cosmology to quantum theory, past issues and also search for keywords.
Offers manuscripts submitted by authors for distribution which have been accepted for publication in the Journal of Chemical Physics and are available prior to publication only. They may be copied electronically and printed for individual use only.
A monthly trade journal for physicists, covering topics such as environmental physics, high
performance computing, and communicating physics to the public. Offers full text of selected articles and contents summaries.
Database produced by the Institution of Electrical Engineers for access to scientific and technical literature in physics, electrical engineering, electronics, communications, control engineering, computers and computing and information technology. Subscription required.
The journal publishes papers that meet the needs and intellectual interests of college and university physics teachers and students. Publications are searchable from 1975, however subscription is required for full text retrieval.
Database of theoretical chemistry preprints, searchable by subject, abstract, year, title, and author. Intended for the international education and research community.
Scheme designed to classify and categorise the literature of physics and astronomy for materials such as journal subject indexes, catalogues, computerised databases, online journals, CD
ROM versions of journals, and any other collection of physics and astronomy resources. PACS is arranged hierarchically, by subdivision to four levels.
Workshop summaries and research results from a worldwide collaboration of physics researchers studying the fundamental nature of matter, particularly the interactions of protons and antiprotons at the highest available energies.
PPARC supports UK research into the fundamental nature of the Universe, theoretical and experimental research into elementary particles and the fundamental forces of nature, planetary and solar research including space physics and astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology.
Full text papers written by prominent American physicists, based on the Bicentennial Commemorative Volume of The American Physical Society in 1976. Features work by Benjamin Franklin, Henry Augustus Rowland, Joseph Henry, and Arthur Holly Compton. Papers are offered as scanned images and as PDF files.
An international effort to create a unified resource for physics and closely related natural sciences. Aimed not only at scientists, but also at the wider community. It is a free, public, non
commercial service which provides information on physics events, access to discussion lists, software, research information, preprints, journals, and job information.
One of the main aims of the ICTP is to foster the growth of advanced studies and research in the developing countries. ICTP Science Abstracts Online includes papers from the Trieste Conference on Chemical Evolution (Exobiology: Matter, Energy and Information in the Origin and Evolution of Life in the Universe), from Statistical Physics of Frustrated Systems and Simple Systems at High Pressures and Temperatures.
Offers a biography of the theoretical physicist, a personal account describing the effect of Motor Neurone Disease upon his life, and a glossary of physics related terms. A selection of lectures delivered by Professor Hawking covering topics such as space and time warps, life in the universe, and the beginning of time are included.
Provides reference services and materials relating to the history of modern physics and allied sciences. Includes books, journals, archives, manuscripts, a catalogue of sources, photographs and oral history interviews.
Review articles and physics tutorials in an encyclopaedic format.
NASA funded project whose main resource is three sets of abstracts: 1) astronomy and astrophysics, containing 240,000 abstracts; 2) instrumentation, containing 460,000 abstracts; and 3) physics and geophysics, containing 220,000 abstracts.
EPSRC is responsible for promoting and supporting basic, strategic, and applied research in engineering and physical science in the UK. Also funds research and postgraduate training in universities and other organisations.
Provides access to mailing lists, databases, and home pages relevant to computational, experimental, or theoretical research on ion beam interactions with surfaces.
Set of peer reviewed journals in the broad area of physics, with full text access available to members of subscribing institutions. Tables of contents and the full text of featured articles are freely available to all. The electronic journals offer full text with mathematics and graphics, and allow searching, browsing and printing. Some titles, eg Nanotechnology, offer multimedia features such as videos of molecular simulations.
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