Physics links and P Guide - Resources and Review

Index to physics resources arranged by the following headings: educational, media, companies, computing, reference, institutions and organisations, and exhibitions and museums.
Includes links to high
energy physics experiments, conferences, software, publications, virtual phone-book, newsgroups.
An international effort to create a unified resource for physics and closely related natural sciences. Aimed not only at scientists, but also at the wider community. It is a free, public, non
commercial service which provides information on physics events, access to discussion lists, software, research information, preprints, journals, and job information.
Search facility for documents stored in physics departments around the world. Can be searched or browsed by geographical region.
Provides access to mailing lists, databases, and home pages relevant to computational, experimental, or theoretical research on ion beam interactions with surfaces.
Provides a listing of US government science and technology Web resources, searchable by keyword, topic, agency, or resource type. Material covers agriculture and food, astronomy, biology, energy conservation, health and medicine, and maths, physics, and chemistry.
Offers a range of resources relating to acoustics and vibration, including book reviews, FAQs, collections of papers, software, and sound collections.
Review articles and physics tutorials in an encyclopaedic format.
Catalogue of annotated links relating to astronomy, chemistry, earth sciences, materials, and physics. Each subject area can be browsed alphabetically or searched by keyword.
Offers online services for physicists, including Weekly News and Book Reviews, PhysicsJobs, PhysicsNet and enhanced versions of articles from Physics World magazine.
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