Photography and P Guide - Resources and Review

ArtScape is a dynamic online resource for artists and art lovers alike. The aim is to make contemporary art available to the public in a manner which is accessible as well as educational. Headings include ceramics, digital art, mixed media, painting, photography and sculpture.
An automated catalogue of numerous mailing lists relevant to the arts, including theatre, television and photography, with descriptions and subscription details.
Annotated links to selected Internet resources covering different kinds of photography, photographic techniques, museums, galleries, and libraries.
Information about portrait photographer Mathew Brady with a biographical timeline, details of photographic techniques and processes he employed, and a comprehensive index of his sitters. Provides a guide to making a photograph detailing steps involving plate preparation, exposure, and development.
Offers descriptions of various photographic processes including carbon prints, daguerreotype, photogenic drawing, photogravure, salt print, and wet plate. Also offers links to resources covering the history of photography.
Guides to a range of Web related topics such as basic and advanced HTML, Web graphics, page layout and design, digital photography, and desktop publishing, rated according to suitability for beginning, intermediate, or advanced users.
Exhibition of Adam's work capturing the University of California. Includes essays, photographs and the opportunity to hear the artist discussing some his work.
Annotated links to over 90 UK Web sites concerned with photography, including numerous companies and commercial services.
Collection of photographs by photographer Fred Maroon, who was granted access to the Nixon Whitehouse for nine months in 1970 to take photos for a behind
the-scenes book, and continued to document the administration over the next four years, culminating in the Watergate proceedings and Nixon's resignation. The photographs are grouped by chronological theme, including the re-election campaign, the Watergate hearings and the final days of the administration with explanatory text and quotes from a 1998 oral history interview with Maroon. Other features include an interactive timeline and notes on the exhibit.
An index, updated monthly, of black and white photographs. Includes: top ten list, archives and black and white photographers resource centre.
Presents a series of research articles on the early history of photography, the Daguerreotype, and Diorama. All articles are keyword searchable.
Covers the beginnings of photography, significant people in the early history of photography, and significant processes, styles and movements.
A UK trade association for fashion, advertising and editorial photographers, founded in 1968 and based in London.
Offers specifications of a wide range of digital cameras, photography tutorials, and recent news.
Offers articles and features on aspects of amateur photography including astrophotography, darkroom resources and supplies, digital imaging, photography history, photojournalism and underwater photography.
Provides a guide to design, film, literature, music, and performing and visual arts, with profiles of individuals involved in each area. Also offers information on specific movements within genres such as fashion design, architecture, American film, literary theory, poetry, international dance, and photography.
Society dedicated to the history, science and art of the daguerreotype. Provides galleries of images and information about the process involved.
A guide to products, services and support in the UK aviation industry. Topics include aircraft, airports, aerial photography, flying lessons, history, memorabilia and software.
There are approximately 800,000 photographs, representing almost all historic formats such as daguerreotypes, tintypes, cartes
de-viste, ambrotypes, albumen prints, panoramas, and cyanotypes, as well as more modern colour and black and white prints, slides, and negatives.There are over 650 collections available online and each link to a photograph collection contains a photograph from the collection, bibliographic information, and a brief description of the contents.
Articles on, and biographical summaries of, photographers such as Man Ray, Ansel Adams, Diane Arbus, Walker Evans, and Alfred Steiglitz. Provides a selection of photographs by each artist including Victorian portraits, New York street photography, and images of the Ethiopian famine.
Museum situated in Bradford and opened in 1983. Its most popular feature is IMAX, Britain's largest cinema screen. Each IMAX frame is ten times the usual 35mm size. Offers details of museum collections, exhibitions, education programmes, news, events, and cinema listings.
Full text publication providing an insight into digital photography. Covers the basics of digital photography such as inputting, processing, and outputting images, the world of digital photography from the point of view of commercial photography, publishing, business, law enforcement, insurance, and science, the foundations of digital imaging, digital cameras, digitisation of film and prints, in
camera storage and download, computer storage, graphic file formats, the digital darkroom, photo printers, photography on the Web, panoramic and object photography, and stereo photography.
Guide to selecting, buying, and using a digital camera. Includes a series of articles on topics such as flash, compression, and copyright, and offers tips for taking better photographs and improving pictures using Photoshop.
Includes techniques and tutorials for taking great pictures. Also provides information about digital cameras, scanners, CD products and Kodak's latest developments.
Online news magazine for people who produce and sell stock photography.
Details of the George Eastman Collection, which includes the likes of photographic collections, motion picture collections and technology collections.
(Art)n Laboratory is a collaborative art group which created a photographic process called PHSColograms (pronounced skol
o-grams), an acronym for photography, holography, sculpture and computer graphics.
Covers integrated applications in the geotechnologies, including remote sensing, GIS, image processing, GPS, mapping, photogrammetry, orthophotography, and surveying. Tables of contents only.
Good practice report to documenting and organising aerial photography, remote sensing, archaeological, and digital data.
A collection of photographs which have won awards from amateur photography competitions between 1968 and 1987. English or German language presentation.
Group dedicated to aerial photography, photo interpretation, field archaeology and landscape history, including the use of aerial photography in defining preservation policies for archaeological sites and landscapes.
Information on learning to dive, including details of training centres throughout the UK, details of new equipment, places to dive, locations of wrecks and conservation information. Also features articles and a forum about underwater photography.
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