Philosophy of mind and P Guide - Resources and Review

The goal of the Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen is to make the complete writings of Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889
1951) available in the form of electronic facsimile and transcriptions. Texts and software are at the disposal of visiting scholars or University of Bergen faculty members. The software makes it possible to present the texts in various types of fair copy and in various formats for research purposes.
Philosophy articles on topics such as empiricism, idealism and materialism, Wittgenstein: Tractatus, existentialism, post structuralism, dualism, Descartes, and science in the post
modern world.
Selected texts and articles on various fields of cognitive science. Titles include Artificial Neural Networks and Methodological Issues in Cognitive Science. Also links to a large number of individuals with online papers in philosophy and related areas.
Connexions is an interdisciplinary journal for philosophers of mind and cognitive scientists. Its primary aim is to serve as a forum for graduate research students.
Founded in 1974, the Hume Society is an international organisation with approximately 400 members around the world. The purpose of the Society is to stimulate scholarship on all aspects of David Hume's writings.
Extensive set of material about Carl Jung, Jungian psychology and related fields. Articles, papers, book and film reviews, Jungian directories, course listings and other announcements are available.
Introduces the subject of metaphysics, a branch of philosophy dedicated to answering the question, 'What is the nature of reality?'.
Collection of full text chapters and articles examining various aspects of cognitive science. Includes material on language development, modularity, connectionism, creativity, perception, memory, consciousness, unconsciousness, sociopathy and artificial intelligence.
Offers links to societies all over the world with an interest in Soren Kierkegaard (1813
1855), details of current conferences, courses, meetings, calls for papers, and other events with set time limits, and the International Kierkegaard Newsletter from 1991 onwards.
Discussion, articles, and institutions related to metaphysics and epistemology.
Bibliography of historical models of human cognition. Includes information on theories of mind proposed by George Berkeley, Robert Burton, Thomas Hobbes and John Locke. An overview of each author's work is provided, together with an explanation of their model and some discussion. Information may be accessed via subject or author indexes.
Defines epistemology and summarises the history of its study. Epistemology is derived from the Greek words episteme, which means knowledge, and logos, which means theory. It is the branch of philosophy that addresses the philosophical problems surrounding the theory of knowledge. It answers many questions concerning what knowledge is, how it is obtained, and what makes it knowledge.
Essay modified from the catalogue of an American Psychological Association exhibition. Discusses mind
body dualism, experimental psychology and psychology in the US.
profit society devoted to advancing scientific understanding of artifical intelligence in the academic world and also increasing public awareness of it.
Aims to bring together philosophers from the Scottish Universities and beyond to allow concerted and collective progress to be made on one of the central problems in the philosophy of mind
the problem of explaining the place of conscious psychological life within the natural world.
A directory of over 190 online papers on consciousness and closely related topics.
reviewed journal about the psychological study of the arts. Includes a forum, and opportunity to discuss articles with authors.
Philosophical essay on ethology and individualism in psychology, relating disagreements about whether a person's behaviour depends only on his or her inner constitution, or whether there is a need to refer to the individual's relation to the wider environment. The behaviour of animals is studied in an attempt to resolve these conflicting beliefs.
An international, interdisciplinary refereed journal of 'open peer commentary'. Publishes controversial interdisciplinary articles in psychology, neuroscience, behavioural biology, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, linguistics, and philosophy.
This essay discusses the motives behind the search for truth and the application of truth within academic disciplines.
Educational and professional journal dedicated to the interdisciplinary approach within psychology and related fields. Online abstracts dating back to 1980.
A refereed interdisciplinary journal which publishes target articles and peer commentary in all areas of psychology as well as cognitive science, neuroscience, behavioural biology, artificial intelligence, robotics, vision, linguistics and philosophy.
Bibliography of recent works in the philosophy of mind, philosophy of cognitive science, and philosophy of artificial intelligence.
Dictionary of terms, names and concepts which reflect current approaches to the philosophy of mind. Submissions are encouraged, and all entries are subject to blind review.
An electronic archive for papers in any area of psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, and many areas of computer science (artificial intelligence, robotics, vision, learning, speech, neural networks), philosophy (mind, language, knowledge, science, logic), biology (ethology, behavioural ecology, sociobiology, behaviour genetics, evolutionary theory), medicine (psychiatry, neurology, human genetics, imaging), anthropology (primatology, cognitive ethnology, archaeology, palaeontology), as well as any other portions of the physical, social, and mathematical sciences that are pertinent to the study of cognition.
Considers the study of consciousness in relation to cognitive science, neurophysiology and philosophy. Features background information on the interdisciplinary nature of the journal and full text articles on topics such as the self, subjectivity and awareness. Contents and abstracts of each issue are available.
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