Philosophy links and P Guide - Resources and Review

Searchable selection of full text papers delivered at the Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy. Amongst topics covered, the theories of philosophers such as Wittgenstein and Chomsky are addressed.
Guide to technical terms and people often encountered in the study of philosophy. Many entries include links to electronic texts and discussions.
An annotated index of materials for academics and students of philosophy and cognate disciplines. Covers fields of study within philosophy (aesthetics, logic, etc.) and indexes journals, online papers, encyclopaedia and glossaries. Also links to philosophy departments, projects, societies and professional organisations. Mailing lists, newsgroups, conference information, jobs, syllabi, teaching and study resources are listed.
An index of eighteenth century philosophy resources. Includes the history of western philosophy (1492
1776), a philosopher's guide, and images of seventeenth and eighteenth century philosophers.
Set of links to selected, evaluated and annotated Internet resources about philosophical systems.
Newsletter of the American Society for Aesthetics including articles on aesthetics, philosophy of art, art theory and art criticism, as well as information about aesthetics events worldwide, and links to other aesthetics related resources including the Aesthetics
L email discussion list.
Usenet newsgroups of relevance to philosophy.
Set of annotated links to resources relating to the philosophy of science covering biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, social science, and technology and society. Relevant academic departments, organisations, and publications are also listed.
Detailed guide to Internet resources in philosophy, with descriptions as well as links.
Set of links to selected, evaluated and annotated Internet resources relevant to philosophy.
Provides in
depth explanations of terms associated with education and its philosophy. Contains information on methods of teaching and learning such as constructivism, individual philosophers, and ethical concerns. Available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.
Set of annotated links to resources on the philosophy of language covering metaphor, narrative, and meaning. The area is also considered in relation to artificial intelligence and logic.
Offers original articles and features about philosophy, plus annotated links to selected relevant Internet resources, compiled by a subject specialist, a subject
specific bulletin board, and details of related news and events. Topics include aesthetics, ancient philosophers, Aristotle, Eastern philosophy, epistemology, ethics, Internet issues such as censorship, logic, metaphysics, philosophy of the mind, philosophy of science and political philosophy.
A guide and gateway to philosophy resources on the Internet. Categories include universities' philosophy pages, commercial organisations; societies, libraries, individuals' philosophy pages, philosophy resources organised by topic, individual philosophers including texts; philosophy discussion on the Internet, philosophy events and jobs, continuing education and distance learning, and a directory of philosophers who have web pages.
reviewed limited area search engine for philosophy.
Online journal facilitating full text retrieval of current and back issues of articles, essays, and poems on contemporary and classical stoic history, theory, practical application, creative expression, and modern experience. Additional resources, stoic quotes, and an author index and profile section are also included.
A index of resources about contemporary philosophy, critical theory and postmodern thought. Includes Roland Barthes, Martin Heidegger, Richard Rorty, postmodern culture and contemporary continental philosophy.
Index of resources including guides in languages other than English, major philosophers, philosophical topics ranging from bioethics and fuzzy logic to transhumanism, philosophical societies and associations, journals and newsletters, bibliographies, newsgroups, and projects.
Searchable encyclopedia of philosophy providing in
depth explanations for terms. Part of a project to provide a 'dynamic' encyclopedia where authors have direct access to the entries allowing them to remain up to date and responsive to new research, without the need to publish supplements or new additions.
Articles debating current philosophical issues. Also features forthcoming events and an index of over 200 philosophy sites including individual philosophers, ancient philosophy, pre
twentieth century and modern philosophy.
Index of links about religion. Includes philosophy, general Christianity, early Christianity, medieval Christianity, reformation studies, Anglicanism, Mormonism, Judaism, Islam and world religions.
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