Perception and P Guide - Resources and Review

A peer
reviewed Web journal dedicated to the dissemination of research results in molecular biology, cell biology, and the genetics of the visual system (ocular and cortical).
A museum of science, art, and human perception with over 650 interactive exhibits. Includes a digital library, web cameras and a learning studio.
A refereed interdisciplinary journal which publishes target articles and peer commentary in all areas of psychology as well as cognitive science, neuroscience, behavioural biology, artificial intelligence, robotics, vision, linguistics and philosophy.
Set of links to selected, evaluated and annotated Internet resources relevant to sensory perception.
Considers the effect of various colours on the brain, body, and vision. Explains why some colours are more likely to cause accidents in certain situations, discusses cultural beliefs relating to colour, and looks at the differences in response to colours as a result of gender. A bulletin board is in operation to share colour
related findings and experiences.
CEDAR is devoted to research in the computational structures for the visual perception and language comprehension associated with the interpretation of digital documents.
Newsletter of the American Society for Aesthetics including articles on aesthetics, philosophy of art, art theory and art criticism, as well as information about aesthetics events worldwide, and links to other aesthetics related resources including the Aesthetics
L email discussion list.
Information about a research group investigating the relationship between human perception and action, in connection with processes involved in the acquisition of new skills, ageing, motion detection, response time, limb movement, and posture. Details of interests, facilities, and faculty members are given.
Explains the function of the eye, and the effect of light on the visual process. Also considers perception in relation to after images, contrast, double vision, and impossible figures, while an interactive 'vision lab' offers demonstrations of various aspects of sight. Information is available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.
Investigates the ability of humans to recognise familiar objects, smells, and sounds instantaneously by studying how the brain combines sensory messages with past experience and expectations to identify stimuli and their particular meaning to individuals.
Presents contents, annual indexes from 1996 onwards, and editorials from the print version of the journal Perception. Also offers supplementary material not available in the print edition, including colour images, animations, and sounds. Full
text articles are available for institutional and personal subscribers.
JAIR publishes refereed research in all areas of artificial intelligence, including automated reasoning, cognitive modelling, knowledge representation, learning, natural language, neural networks, perception, and robotics. Full text available online.
Resources include preprints and abstracts of papers which examine the mental representations underlying social processes such as perception, judgement and influence. Papers are arranged alphabetically by author, and a selection may be obtained in full text.
Collection of full text chapters and articles examining various aspects of cognitive science. Includes material on language development, modularity, connectionism, creativity, perception, memory, consciousness, unconsciousness, sociopathy and artificial intelligence.
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