Pc software and P Guide - Resources and Review

Large collection of PC software for Windows 95, 98, and NT
Large software supplier, producers of Windows, Word, Excel, Access and many other products for PC and Macintosh.
Set of text search tools which can be downloaded free of charge. Includes Callable Personal Librarian, PLWeb Turbo, PLWeb
CD and Personal Librarian. An overview of each tool is provided, together with information about applications, features, benefits and technical requirements.
Index to freeware, shareware, demonstrations, fixes, patches and upgrades from the main software archives and suppliers on the Internet.
Information about a software package useful for creating Internet based exercises such as interactive multiple choice, jumbled sentences, gap
filling and crosswords. Offers tutorials on how to use Hot Potatoes with Windows and Macintosh, and provides examples of Web pages which have been created using the software. Hot Potatoes can be downloaded free.
Software company and producer of Lotus Notes, 1
2-3, Domino, and AmiPro.
Product information, reviews, gallery and system requirements for Freehand 8 Design in Motion suite.
Collection of DreamWeaver resources, aimed at Web developers. Provides links to tutorials and related client and server technologies such as JavaScript, CGI scripts, ColdFusion, PHP, Microsoft Access, MySQL, and Oracle.
Introducing a convergence technology for Internet communications, Relative Expression
Based Object Language, which enables computers, servers, PDAs, cell phones, and televisions to communicate using a common language. Explains the benefits of REBOL in terms of scripting, networking, and dialecting, and offers a free copy of the software for download.
Distribution and support service for RLG Ariel software throughout the UK, Ireland, and Scandinavia. Provides information about the software, explaining how it transmits over the Internet using both the FTP and MIME email standards.
Software package for the simulation of genetic evolution in structured or viscous populations. Supports models for simulation of group selection, punctuated equilibria, peak shifts, speciation, and metaadaptation. Package can be downloaded free of charge.
Software archive with over 24000 shareware and freeware programs. Categories include business, home and personal, programming, utilities, words, and graphics.
Large software supplier, producers of Windows, Word, Excel, Access and many other products for PC and Macintosh.
Instructions for downloading Shockwave free of charge. Information is available in 9 languages.
Windows software archive, plus several versions of Linux and collections of software for Unix, Macintosh, and Amiga. Includes systems software, graphics and educational programs, games, documentation, audio, video and image files, and selected newsgroup archives.
Magazine offering advice in plain English on all aspects of buying and using PCs and PC software.
Online version of the PC magazine, offering reviews of new products and the latest news from the PC industry.
Online version of the fortnightly print publication which carries PC news and technology reviews. Includes articles from the current edition, and back issues from 1995 to the present day.
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